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If you enjoyed the book and can't wait for the next one, why not check out some other resources about politics. On these pages you'll find links to an extended glossary, a who's who of British politics and a further reading list.

Extended glossary

An accompaniment to the glossary at the end of Mystery in the Palace of Westminster. This version includes other words and phrases that don't appear in the book, which you might read in other books or websites.

Who's who

Here you will find a list of some of the most influential people in politics in Great Britain. The list includes the current Prime Minister, as well as past Prime Ministers and other influential figures.


You could start with my blog, which includes insider information on the inspiration for the book.

There are also lots of free resources for students on the Parliament website. And you can also watch live debates in the Houses of Parliament at the Parliament Now website.​ If you would like to hold your own debate in school, why not try out these debating topics from The Noisy Classroom?


Politics for Beginners, Usborne, 2017 

This is a great first book about politics. It has an informative style and covers types of government and political systems, as well as different schools of political thought, such as capitalism and communism. It has a great design and really clear, engaging explanations of complex topics.

If I Ran the Country, Wren & Rook, 2021

A humorous take on the topic. The approach is to ask readers how they would run the country. It explains each key decision they need to make  for example, whether they will create a democracy or a monarchy. Activities at the end of each chapter are a fun way to keep readers engaged with the topic.

All About Politics, DK, 2016

Another informative approach, with good emphasis on the history of world politics. What could be dry ideas such as the three branches of democracy – executive, legislature and judiciary – are explained using helpful metaphors, in this case the tree of democracy.


Why Politics Matters, Red Shed, 2024

Part of the Little Experts series, this book is aimed at young readers, aged six to nine years. It's short and accessible with gorgeous illustrations. It covers topics such as voting, how to debate, parliament and how to get involved in politics.​​

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