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Body in the Thames

SKU: 9781739773632
Coming soon
  • A signed paperback copy of Body in the Thames. Use the dediction box to let us know if you would like us to write a message inside the book. This book comes with a Body in the Thames bookmark and shipping is included.


    Coming 24th October 2024

Rosie, Reviewer

Me and my 5 year old loved reading this together [...] It's fast paced enough that my son didn't get bored but detailed enough for me to really enjoy it as an adult also.

Mary, Bookseller

Fun mystery for the middle grade reader. Lots of twists and turns. I'll definitely recommend this when kids ask for a new mystery.

Alicia, Reviewer

Theo was the perfect main character. I enjoyed watching him grow throughout the book. [...] This is a perfect read for someone that loves mysteries.

Nicola, Bookseller

Really enjoyed reading this mystery [...] Me and my son were guessing who the thief was, which was great fun.

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